About Us

V.Group is providing people with more opportunities than ever before.

Since 2010, V.Ships - the group's primary brand - has given promotions to over 3,900 officers, with an extra 2,200 more people on-board our vessels.

But the world's largest ship management company is not just creating jobs for seafarers.

With an array of careers reflecting the scope of the services provided to our shipping, maritime leisure and energy clients, now's your chance to join over 40,000 contract staff, as well as around 2,500 shore-based staff, now is the time to embark on a career for life with us.

Our Services

We are an independent service provider, not a ship owner or a manufacturer. We bring value to our customers through a unique combination of clear strengths.




Technical ship management across a range of vessel types tailored to the needs of different ship owners and operators

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We cater for all hospitality related personnel, ranging from top-level executives to mid-level managers, as well as service and technical personnel.

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With a variety of opportunities reflecting the scope of our global maritime services in the cargo, leisure and offshore sectors, now is the time to embark on a long term and rewarding career with V.Crew joining over 44,000 crew at sea.

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